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Magda Girao, OTRL, CST-D, NDT on craniosacral therapy

Magda Girao, OTRL, CST-D, NDT breaks down craniosacral therapy — how it works, why it works, and many of the physical, emotional, behavioral, and mental health issues that benefit from it.

Tennison, Emily. “Episode 6: Magda Girao, OTRL, CST-D, NDT on the magic of craniosacral therapy.” Healing Corner with Emily Tennison. Podcast audio, March 15, 2021. 


Occupational Therapist Discusses the Benefits of Craniosacral Therapy

Licensed Occupational Therapist, Magda Girao from Michigan Craniosacral Therapy joins the show to talk about her work treating patients during the pandemic, and how her therapeutic procedures differ in practice and effect from others.

 CivicCenterTV15. YouTube, 26 Feb. 2021